Original Cast

(Character Illustrations by Michelle Peters)

Isho, son of Madonna and leader of the Siblinghood
Aticus, son of the Empire’s High Command in Nazra
Magdala, orphan and older sister of Kiah
Wen, Isho’s cousin and son of a water-keeper
Jude, son of resistance fighters from the Southern Reach
Adah, twin sister of Jude, aspiring archer for the Resistance
Peka, son of mountain people from the Northern Frontier
Demus, mother and father both Nave priests
Yahia, parents killed in the Raids after the High Battle. raised by grandmother
Madonna, Earth Mother and mother of Isho
Taurean Kane as Kior
Tom Little as King Magnus
Rudi Leibek as Elder Materna
Mary Lou Whittaker as Elder Ama
Rudi Krause as Elder Mikweri
Played by Jayden

Played by Rhys

Played by Evelyn

Played by Benjamin

Played by Blessings

Played by Jia

Played by Micah

Played by Alex

Played by Selah

Played by Abigail
(Gifts of Destiny)

Anna as Gaspar

Stephen Tanner as Elder Shimnon
Ricardo Pequenino as Elder Okanlawan
Sheila Cook as Elder Akoya
Avery Kate as Madonna (Circle of Elders)