Story Guild Resources

The Story Guild Method

What is Story Guild? A story guild site draws on the performing arts to tell the stories of the Jewish and Christian traditions and put them to life on stage.

Story Guild manual providing notes on method and templates for starting your own story guild site. (Coming Fall 2021)

Sample scripts with programming notes that include music, drama, art, and physical movement. (Coming Fall 2021)

Feature-length documentary (Coming Summer 2021).

Isho and the First Light

What is Isho and the First Light? A mythically-imagined retelling of the story of Jesus in which Isho and his group of eight friends band together to overcome the sway of the Nave and the power of the Empire, and to find a way back to the Beloved Country.

Book Series

Isho and the First Light: Gifts of Destiny, Book 1 (Coming Fall 2021)

Isho and the First Light: The Binding, Book 2 (Coming 2022)

Isho and the First Light: Beloved Country, Book 3 (Coming 2023)

The Story Guild Annex

What is the Annex? Not all religious education programs have the resources or energy to launch a full-fledged story guild. The Annex is curriculum that takes all the best elements of story guild and condenses them into stand alone 30-45 minute sessions to accommodate a traditional weekly Sunday School format. Individual or year-long lesson plans are available that include the biblical story, a spiritual practise, and whole-body responses to the biblical story.

Curriculum publication date: anticipated Spring 2022.