As told by the Eastside Story Guild, Spring 2011

The story of Abraham and Sarah’s journey from Ur to the “land of promise” interplayed with the story of a young, Trinidadian couple immigrating to Canada in the mid-1960s.

Sarah ponders the Covenant (represented by the star)  and promise of bearing a son in her old age.

A young Trinidadian couple leave their island home in the mid-1960s to make a new life for themselves in Canada.

The herds of Lot and of Abraham fighting over the limited resources in the new land.

Lot chooses the lush and fertile land, leaving his uncle, Abraham, to eek out a living on dry, rocky ground.

Three Visitors come to the home of Sarah and Abraham to announce to them the birth of a son.

Sarah dances at the sheer wonder and joy of her pregnancy.

A Caribbean-inspired dance breaks out among the villagers at the news of Isaac’s birth.

Children comprise the stones of the altar on which Isaac is laid as a sacrifice.