As told by the Eastside Story Guild, 2011

The story of creation and the fall adapting Indonesian puppetry and shadow play set against the soundscape of a traditional gamelan orchestra, giving the overall performance a magical and ethereal feel.  

A whimsical collection of brightly coloured animals are named by Adam (with help from the audience!) in this scene of the creation story.

A flower comes into being on the fourth day of creation;  Adam and Eve explore the wander of Eden beneath a giant leaf in the garden.

The multi-layered sounds of a traditional southeast Asian gamalon orchestra, led by the world music director, Curtis Mathewson, was performed by children and youth.

Adam and Eve, dressed as traditional Indonesian peasants, are banished from the garden to till and plough the rocky soil.

Adam and Eve’s life outside the garden takes place in shadow; a water nymph emerges from the trap door at the moment of creation.