After hearing Vancouver-based theatre artist, Tetsuro Shigematsu, describe what happens to a  whale after it dies, […]
With climate disruption, supply chain mayhem, and a never-ending pandemic there is no shortage of reasons […]
One of the gifts of being a church-based storytelling initiative is that we have a wonderfully […]
Finding the right balance between ‘my story’, ‘our story’, and ‘God’s Story’ is critical to Sacred […]
When asked in casual conversation about the work of Sacred Canopy I tend to take the low road and respond simply: “It’s a theatre initiative.” Inquirers are usually impressed with that much. Their eyes light up. “Theatre. Wow. Cool” They want to know more. It’s then that the ice gets a little thin. “We do Bible stories", I say, "....with kids". Response? A blank look followed by a change in the subject.
How Sacred Story Guides Us Through the Deep Forest of Grief Our first child arrived into […]