Using rap lyrics written by Juno-award winning Shad, this presentation uses graffiti, hip-hop and DJing to tell the story of the life of Jacob and his struggle with his brother, Esau, his romance with Rachel, and his wrestling match with an angel of God.

The story of the rival between brothers Jacob and Esau is set in the context of contemporary urban environment.  For this presentation the participants engaged hands-on learning of the four pillars of urban street culture: graffiti art, hiphop dance, rap, and DJing.

Shad teaches the kids to rap; the kids learn the different styles of graffiti art

“Jacob” is introduced in the opening rap;  street art of an angel taken on East Hastings street in Vancouver’s downtown

Jacob steals Esau’s tag and his “crew” tags up the town;  a 9-year old rapper narrates the story

Jacob falls into a deep sleep after fleeing from his brother Esau who is intent on murdering him.

As the children of Leah/Rachel and Jacob are “born” (up through the trapdoor on the stage) they each perform a dance move of their own creation.

Jacob living the high life in a night club where he has reached the pinnacle of fame and fortune;  old Isaac giving the firstborn’s blessing to Jacob

An angel of God wrestles with Jacob and giving him his true identity and naming him “Israel”.

Esau welcomes Jacob home and is surprised at the size of Jacob’s extensive family.

Esau eats the soup for which he bargained away his birthright (“tag”) to his devious younger brother, Jacob.

When Jacob makes advances on Rachel, Leah intervenes to protect her younger sister from this stranger.

“Uncle” Laban separates his daughter, Rachel, from Jacob who has his eyes set on her.

Jacob thinks he is marrying Rachel in this ceremony, only to discover in the next scene that it is Leah under the veil.

Dudes and rapsters in their bling line up to get into the night club where Jacob is received as a VIP.

The wrestling match between Jacob and the Angel of God is performed as a dance-battle between the two contenders.

Jacob (played by Robin Tjay) with a dislocated hip after the battle, is now the wounded warrior who understands for the first time his true identity as a beloved child of God.