As told by the Cuchilla Story Guild, Summer 2014

Joseph of Arimathea and Niccodemus ask Pontius Pilate (portrayed as early 20th c. Mexican military autocrat, Portforio Diaz) for the body of Jesus.

Grieving children tuck herbs into the linen around Jesus’ body.

The grieving mothers (mirroring the grief of mothers across Mexico who have lost sons to gang violence and poverty.)

Jesus’ friends lift his body from the cross.

The heavenly realm of angels (unseen by the grieving) turn the cross to show the beauty (Mexican folk art) of hope on the other side.

Meanwhile, Mary holds a traditional Catholic/Mexican wake in her home for her son. Her grief knows no bounds.

The disciples gather at Mary’s home to remember the life of their beloved teacher.

Playing with themes from Day of the Dead and the Mexican capacity to make fun of death (and loosen its grip), the angels “dance” with Death, robbing it of its power.

The angels welcome the return of Jesus with a resurrection folk dance.

Celebrating the defeat of death.

Meanwhile back in Cuchilla, the kids enact scenes from everyday life in the neighbourhood…selling ice-cream in the streets.

The darker side of poverty and its effects in the neighbourhood – theft and violence.

Jesus of Cuchilla.

Reconciliation and hope for an alternative future.