Audiences respond to Burrard St. Story Guild’s December 5, 2021 telling of
Legion and the Pigs: The Day Jesus Crossed the Sea:

What an energetic, moving performance that was a triumphant expression of love overcoming fear!”- Leigh, audience member

“What a beautiful presentation! I was in tears. The messages, symbols, storylines, music, lighting, performances, narration – beautiful! Thank you!” – Colleen, audience member

“That was wonderful. Powerful in its simplicity. Profound in its layering of the stories (and the dedication). Beautiful. Thanks and best wishes to you, your family and everyone in the story guild.” – Rudi, audience member

Truly transcendent.” – Ruth, audience member 

“If you watch nothing else this Advent Season, YOU MUST WATCH THIS. This beautiful and powerful story of Jesus, Legion, and the pigs – and how the Burrard Story Guild has included topical issues is so very important. Thank you to all the participants. This was simply the best.” – Bob and Lloyd, audience members

The military legions of the Roman Empire.
Jesus wrestles fear from the village outcast.