Audience Reviews in for Peace Dreams
Nov.6, 2022

The Great Power,
A Documentary Premiere
Dec. 21, 2022

“An intense, incredibly moving, powerful performance.” – Paul

“What a beautiful presentation by the young actors and all involved in this portrayal of Rev Fallis’ dream of peace. Thank you.” – Nan

“Thank you for your moving performance today. The message was powerful yet gently offered. It addressed the reality of war and yet it was heartfelt in the way it was balanced with the message of uniting in and for Peace. Your performances – each of you and the group of you – were professional. And Fen, your voice touched us all so beautifully. Thank you, All.” – Carol

“My colleague Tama Ward possesses a stunning ability to tell a story. That may sound like nothing, like “anyone can tell a story.” I won’t try to convince anyone, I’ll simply say she is in a league of her own when it comes to stories.” – Beth

“I have had the opportunity to play a part in one of Tama and BSG’s productions. The combination of Tama’s writing, Larisse’s directing, Ricardo’s music and the imaginative, beautiful children of BSG create magic… literal magic…” vim ad… – Sheila

“This was such an amazing and creative telling of the story of this community. Deep appreciation.” – Steven Chambers

“Congratulations to the artistic team that animated the early war days and the youth that lost their lives for our benefit 80 years ago. Rest In Peace.” – Barb 

7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 21at Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace (corner of Burrard St. and 15th Ave. in Vancouver)

A feature documentary that tells the story of one season in the life of Eastside Story Guild will be released in early 2023. 

The premiere screening is a pre-release event for the network of story guild participants, churches and community and of support. 

The film asks how to introduce children to faith in a culture where religion has been marginalized and gives space for the kids to speak to the topic. As well as capturing gorgeous footage of story guild in motion, The Great Power also tells some of the story of Kinbrace (refugee community housing) and Insight (safe injection site in the DTES). 

This is a one-time in-person screening event. There will be no online option.

Many of the ESG participants were in grade school at the time and are now university age. The week-before Christmas timing is in hopes that we will catch many of them home for the holidays and in a festive, post-exam spirit. 

Bring a plate of favourite Christmas treats (finger foods only please) for a potluck reception to accompany complimentary seasonal beverages following the performance in the Great Hall. 

RSVP by email info@sacredcanopy.comor Facebook Event