The story of the wilderness wanderings as told by the Eastside Story Guild, December 2014

Desert life: hunger and makeshift shelters.

The first sighting of manna falling like magic from the sky.

Manna gathering.

Steve Bose playing the khamak of the Indian sub-continent.

The Hebrews confronted by the Amalekites.

The magnificent, formidable, warring Amalekites who don’t take kindly to foreigners crossing their territory.

God with us. A people led.

The community gathered in the tabernacle.

Zenith on the harmonium. The kids learned a Bengali worship song.

The Ark of the Covenant guides a wandering nation through the wilderness.

Akal watches as the younger generation cross the Jordan River into the promised land.

Parting of the generations.

Bread for the journey.